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Staff : Listing

Following is a listing of staff members. Click the staff member's name to view office hours and contact details.
This table shows a listing of staff members.
Name Email Phone
Christine Andrews unavailable
Menna Barghout unavailable
Miguel Benitez unavailable
Heather Bizon unavailable
Sara Brown unavailable
Rumi Bumbera unavailable
Katherine Busatto unavailable
Mimi (Yu-Ching) Chuang unavailable
Melissa Cicozi unavailable
Phillip Compeau unavailable
Marjorie Conner unavailable
Diane Dawson unavailable
Tatum Donahue unavailable
Luray Fladd unavailable
Catherine Getchel unavailable
Jena Grgurich unavailable
Valerie Haley unavailable
Natalie Hatcher unavailable
David Holcomb unavailable
Melanie Holcomb unavailable
Alex Houk unavailable
Student Affairs IT unavailable
Andrea James unavailable
Joshua Kangas unavailable
Jenna Kappelt unavailable
Chris Klug unavailable
Brianna Krall unavailable
Natalie Kurlander unavailable
Rowshan Lang unavailable
Angela Le unavailable
Erica Levin unavailable
Yang Liu unavailable
Lisa Lonchar unavailable
Dave Lubovinsky unavailable
Malic Maat unavailable
Moshe Mahler unavailable
Alex Marthaler unavailable
Julie May unavailable
Samantha Mudrinich unavailable
Stephen Neely unavailable
Zach Peel unavailable
Michael Petyak unavailable
Bill Rodgers unavailable
Gillian Ryan unavailable
Casey Schall unavailable
Tara Seman unavailable
Rob Siebka unavailable
Amy Stoebe unavailable
Maria Stoy unavailable
Erin Swift unavailable
Emily Szitas unavailable
Jessica Tones unavailable
Test User unavailable
Dawnn Vith unavailable
Ricardo Washington unavailable
Danielle Wetzel unavailable
Elizabeth Yazemboski unavailable
Elizabeth A Yazembowski unavailable
Paul Yeater unavailable
Shirley Yee unavailable
Robert Young unavailable